Women Only Walks

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We’d love you to join us!

Women Only Walks was first established in 1996 to encourage women in South Yorkshire to get to know their local countryside and to promote safe access and an opportunity to explore new areas of South Yorkshire. Walks have been led over the years by a wide variety of women including a number of voluntary walk leaders, rangers from the local authorities in Rotherham, Sheffield and Doncaster and the Forestry Commission.

Do you want to walk more but don’t know where to go, or would like to walk with other women sharing your experience of the countryside?

women walkers groupshot

Encouraging safe and enjoyable walking for women in South Yorkshire

Our aim is to provide opportunities for women to join other women to walk at their own pace in a safe friendly environment. Over the years the women who have come on the walks do so for a variety of reasons; sometimes it is all about building up confidence to explore the countryside and we offer a warm welcome to those of you who maybe are looking at this website for the first time.

4 thoughts on “Women Only Walks

    • Hi Dawn
      Sorry about the delay in replying to your enquiry

      Yes just turn up. If you want more information about the walk, phone the walk leader. The name and number for each walk is in the details on Current Walks page

      There is no need to join and no fees All the walks are free. If you would like to, you can join the emailing list. Occasional emails are sent out with news but you will not be inundated with them. Give your email address to the walk leader. It will be kept confidential

      Hope you can join us for a walk soon


    • Hi Kathryn
      Welcome on board
      I have added you to our emailing list
      We only send out emails occasionally so it is best ro check the website Current Walks page.
      For any queries phone the walk leader
      I hope to meet you soon on one of our walks

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